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Ignoring commonalities means not being aware of the interconnection and nature between things. It seems that there is no relationship between different things. In fact, there are some similarities in the existence of different things. It is often overlooked. This is one of the most common creative barriers. This means that a person is different in the elements of an idea or concept, unable to establish relationships between them, unable to recognize the main ideas or perceive commonalities.忽略共性是指没有意识到事物之间存在的相互的联系和性质。看起来不同的事物之间似乎没有任何相互关系。实际上不同的事物之间的存在者某些相似性。往往被人们忽略。这是最常见的创意障碍之一。它的意思是某个人对一个观点或概念的元素是不同的,并且无法建立彼此之间的联系、无法认识主要观念或感知共性。


Many girls are born beautiful. They try every means to make themselves look younger and more beautiful. Some people use very expensive cosmetics. Some people go back for plastic surgery like a water light needle. Some people will buy instruments that can replenish the skin at any time. It seems that everyone uses different methods. But they overlooked a commonality. That is, water is indispensable to any method of beauty. Skin care products contain moisture. There is water in the photoelectric needle. The water supply meter also contains water. Water is the source of life. Commonalities are neglected.很多女生天生爱美。她们用尽各种办法让自己看起来更年轻和漂亮。有的人会用非常名贵的化妆品。有的人回去做类似于打水光针那样的整形手术。有的人会购买随时可以给肌肤补水的仪器。看似所有人使用的办法是不同的。但他们忽略了一个共性。那就是任何变美的方法都离不开水。护肤品里含有水分。水光针里含有水分。补水仪里也是水。水是生命之源。共性被忽略了。 If people have a general and fixed view of something and its formation, then they ignore these differences. For example, many people think that Indians can dance. But in fact, not every Indian can dance. They think that this thing or the whole thing has this characteristic, and ignore individual differences. This is a stereotype. Stereotypes can hinder transparent communication. Individual differences are ignored.如果人们对某物或其形成有一个普遍而固定的看法。他们就忽略了差异。例如许多人认为印第安人可以跳舞。但事实上,不是每个印度人都能跳舞。他们认为这件事或整个事情都有这个特点,而忽略了个体差异。这是一个刻板印象。刻板印象会阻碍透明的沟通。基于假设的判断。个人之间的差异被忽略了。

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