Lateral thinking

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Definition 定义[edit]

A way of solving a problem by thinking about it in a different and original way and not using traditional or expected methods, and it uses the imagination to help people create a new solutions that are not apparent at first. People break free from the established constraints and try to solve problems in different directions. 一种解决问题的方法,通过以不同的原始方式思考问题而不使用传统或预期的方法,并利用想象力帮助人们创建一开始并不明显的新解决方案。 人们从既定的束缚中挣脱出来,尝试不同的方向解决问题。

Example 例子[edit]

One day, my brother and I finished the tutoring class. The weather is very hot and we feel very thirsty. When we got home, we found a canned fruit in the fridge, but we needed a bottle opener. My brother wanted to open the can, but he never succeeded. I said why don't we drink something else or go out and buy some drinks. Finally, we bought some iced drinks at a nearby supermarket to solve the thirst problem. 有一天,我和我的哥哥上完补习班。天气非常的热我们感到非常的渴。回到家后我们在冰箱里找到了一个水果罐头,不过需要开瓶器。哥哥想怎样把罐头给打开,却始终没有成功。我就说我们为什么不喝点别的,或者出去买点饮料。最后,我们在附近的超市买一些冰镇饮料,解决了口渴的问题。