Psychological empowerment

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Psychological empowerment means that in company, managers give employees some encouragement or power properly, so that employees feel their responsibility and confidence to encourage themselves to work hard.心理赋权是指在公司中,管理者给予员工适当的鼓励或权力,使员工感受到自己的责任和信心,鼓励自己努力工作。


During my summer vacation, I worked as an intern in bank information collation. 在我暑假期间在银行做信息整理实习生.The manager gave me the task of collating business information for nearly half a year in a day. 经理给我的任务是1天内整理近半年的业务信息资料.I asked the manager, I am an intern, and I don't have a computer in the bank. 我问经理,我是一个实习生,我没有银行内部的电脑。The manager said that although you are an intern, but you are a member of the company, you have the right to borrow any computer from the bank to complete the task on time.经理说,你虽然是一个实习生,但是你是公司的一员,你有权借用银行的任何一台电脑,按时完成任务。The manager's words suddenly gave me courage and confidence, although I am an intern, but I am also a staff member of the company can not be ignored. 经理的话突然给我了勇气和信心,我虽然是一个实习生,但是我也是公司不可忽视的一名工作人员。I immediately went to borrow an idle computer and entered information. At 2 p.m., I successfully completed the task.我立即去借了一台空闲的电脑,录入信息,下午2点我顺利的完成了任务。