Situation Strength Framework

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Situation Strength Framework indicates that the way personality translates into behavor depends on the strength of the situation.情景力量框架表明人格转化为行为的方式取决于情景的强弱。<ref><ref>


When you are waiting for a HLI oral interview in the waiting room, other students are looking at the review materials carefully, and you don't. Because your heart is rejecting the specific behavior of reviewing before the exam, but you worry and panic that you have not read the book as carefully as other students and thus failed the exam. Therefore, you will unconsciously produce psychological pressure due to the tense examination atmosphere.当你在候考室等待参加HLI的口语面试时,别的同学都在仔细的看复习资料,而你没有。因为你内心是拒绝考试前看书这种特定行为的,但是你又担忧和恐慌自己没有像其他同学那样仔细看书而导致考试失败。因此,你就会不自觉地因为紧张的考试氛围而产生心理压力。